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Cervical Neck Pillow
Made of polyester fiber lining with a blue, light weight, disposable cover. Designed to support neck and head while traveling, resting or sleeping. Works well as restful support for cervical collar patients.
Disposable Colors: Blue,
08907CD Cervical Neck Pillow, disposable cover
(shown at right)

Cotton Colors: White, Blue, Tan
08907C Cervical Neck Pillow, cotton cover
(shown below and below right)

Lumbar Cushion
An excellent support to lumbo-sacral and sacroiliac areas, the Lumbar Cushion is designed to enhance the healing effects to the lumbar spine. It provides a gentle tractioning effect to help ligaments, muscles and other tissues readapt to their correct alignment.
Colors: Blue, Gray, Black and Tan
08904 Lumbar Cushion (shown at upper right)
08904S Lumbar Cushion with Strap (shown at lower right)



Round Neck Pillow
Accepted as one of the best aids in the treatment of neck disorders, this pillow is made with soft polyester fibers. Helps maintain proper alignment of the neck while sleeping. Length: 17 inches, Diameter: 7 inches.
Colors: White
08901 Round Neck Pillow (shown at right)
08901C Extra Cover for Round Neck Pillow (not shown)

Cervical Pillow
Made of polyurethane foam with a white cotton cover and overlapping fabric closure. Designed to support neck and head while sleeping; helps prevent cramped or stiff necks.
17 inches wide x 20 inches long.
Colors: White
08903 Cervical Pillow, foam with polyester fiber (shown at right)
08905 Cervical Pillow, foam (shown at far right)